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Artist R.D.Pareek, a renowned oil portrait artist from India, has over the last 60 years created portraits par excellence for various public and private institutions, and individual collections in India and abroad.

Born on 12th November, 1931, Raghuvardayal Pareek is a portrait artist of exceptional ability. He is known for his brilliant oil portraits which that make the subject come to life. 

A student of well known artist and art teacher, Shri Bhoorsinhji Shekhawat, he went to Sir J.J. School of Arts for higher education and took various diplomas and degrees including the Art Masters' Diploma with distinction. He taught art at many premier institutions and has nationwide accolades.

His patrons have been past Presidents and Prime Ministers of India, Educational Institutions, Industrialists and other Political, Religious and Social Personalities.

His painting adorn the walls of political, social and educational institutions and homes in India and abroad. Among them the prominent ones are the Parliament House, Rashtrapati Bhawan in India, India High Commision in UK , and several educational institutions in India.  

Besides having a commissioned portrait practice , Mr. Pareek is a member of various national art societies and is also involved in promoting art and young artists in India.





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